Spelling Bee

This course contains words used in Spelling Bee competition. This course will cover basic to expert level of words and quizzes to test the ability and accuracy of students.


This course contains-

-Eight lessons (Covers more than 1000+ words for learning)

-Two Quizzes Level-I and Level-II (100 questions each) to test your ability and competitiveness


What will you get after completion-

  1. Course  completion certificate certificate-512

  2. Spelling Bee Badgebee icon  of 10 points (This Badge will be displayed on your profile after completing the course)

    (Note- Badge and certificate will be generated after completing all the lessons and quizzes with minimum prescribed percentage)

Features- Gamification Learning, Course Contents, Audio Contents and Questions.


Note- After completing the course  you will be awarded Spelling Bee achiever badge of 10 points which will be shown in your profile and  an online certificate (in .pdf file).

For any queries regarding course access please mail us at- [email protected]